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  Dr. Jason Peisley, D.C.

Dr. Jason Peisley, D.C.

Jason J.R. Peisley, Doctor of Chiropractic, Acupuncture is the owner and clinic director of Fairwood Health & Body Transition and Fairwood Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Toledo, Ohio.



The staff at Fairwood believes that our body’s innate healing abilities can be blocked from lifestyle, injury, environment and toxins. To reverse the damage, he offers customized treatment plans that rid the body of toxins, re-shape the body and boost nutrition. His results-oriented, all-natural approach puts an end to the cause of weight gain rather than treating symptoms. Many patients, for the first time in their lives, have a proven solution to regain their health and lose weight and inches. His patients are “Fairwood Fans”; they feel better, sleep better, look better and they have Dr. Peisley to thank for their newfound energy, health and vitality.

Awards  2016 Mature Living, Top Docs