Body Composition Analysis Provides Health Baseline


At Fairwood Health & Body Transition, we think it’s important to establish a health baseline for our clients right away. This is why we’re one of the only weight loss clinics in the Toledo area to own the Tanita Multi-Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analyzer. This high-tech device provides you and Dr. Peisley with the following information in just 60 seconds:

  • Basic metabolic rate
  • Intra-cellular and extra-cellular body water
  • Muscle mass
  • Phase angle
  • Segmental fat
  • Visceral fat levels

The Tanita device is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and provides absolute precision. It is appropriate for people weighing up to 600 pounds. If you’re clinically obese and feel sensitive about your measurements, we guarantee you complete privacy. Results display on a large LCD screen that we can easily turn towards you so no one else can see them.

In addition to an electronic display within 20 seconds, the Tanita machine prints out a consultation sheet with all applicable measurements (see below for an explanation of the printout you will receive from the body composition analysis). This helps you plan for success as a patient at Fairwood Health & Body Transitions. As you start to make progress, it will be exciting to look back and see how far you have come from the day that you decided to take charge of your health.

Tanita Body Composition Analysis.jpg

If you're looking to lose weight or feel better, you need to start with a health baseline. Call (419) 517-1030 to schedule your Body Composition analysis today.

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