Forget New Year’s – Get Healthy This Fall

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Get Healthy This Fall

Autumn is a highly underrated time for weight loss. Nestled between “swimsuit season” and New Year’s weight-loss resolutions, the months of fall often go overlooked. Yet cooler temperatures, numerous outdoor activities, and steady school and work schedules can make fall the best time of the year to focus on your health. Take advantage of all the opportunities autumn has to offer, and kick start your weight loss now.

Weight Loss Through the Year

It’s a common misconception that winter and summer are optimal for weight loss. Most springtime workout routines come from New Year’s resolutions – an “inspiration” that can lead to burnout quickly. Wintertime regimes are too close to the holidays, not leaving enough time to fully commit to your diet plans. Don’t want to workout in frigid January temperatures or smothering summer weather? Fall presents peak conditions for daily jogs or workouts.  

Losing weight over the summer just isn’t realistic for most people. Many believe that since warm weather has already arrived, it’s too late to work on their “bikini bodies.” They’ll simply wait until next year to try again. This can lead to a cycle of relaxing all summer, binging all winter, struggling to lose weight in the few months before summer, then giving up again. Break the cycle by vamping up your weight loss efforts in autumn, instead.

3 Reasons Autumn Rules for Weight Loss

Making weight loss your New Year’s resolution every year hasn’t worked for you yet – why wait to see how another year goes? The New Year might seem like a perfect time to turn over a new leaf, but fall can present the same opportunities. As the seasons change, you can get back on track with regimes that were too difficult to maintain amongst the vacations, barbeques, and weddings of summer. Here’s why autumn takes the cake when it comes to weight loss:

1.    Weight loss can become routine. Fall is an awesome opportunity to build healthy habits before winter. You’re back to your normal routine with school and work, giving you the chance to easily implement a workout or diet plan.

2.    The weather is perfect for exercise. You can workout outside without shivering or sweating. Take in the beautiful fall foliage and scenery on a jog around your neighborhood. Even walking the dog can become more enjoyable.

3.    Enjoy delicious yet healthy fall foods. You don’t have to wait until after the holidays to eat well and lose weight. Start now and reap the benefits all year long. Spaghetti squash pasta, anyone?

You’re probably bursting with weight loss ideas and enthusiasm from another summer you didn’t spend at your ideal weight.

NOW is the time to act on your desires and make a real lifestyle change. Take the momentum from summer and turn it into real, measurable weight loss. Start with a proven program, Fairwood Health & Body Transition. With a little help, you can get excited about losing weight this fall.

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