Obesity Epidemic Reaches Epic Proportions

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One in three American adults is obese. If that number sounds too high, drive to the nearest grocery center or shopping mall and sit on a bench for a few minutes. Count how many people look uncomfortable in their bodies, whose waistlines don’t look healthy. While you’re there, notice how many children and teenagers also struggle with weight. New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows obesity in America is at an all-time high.

Obesity Statistics

The CDC reports the following facts about adult obesity:

  • Every one of the 50 states reports more than 20 percent of its residents are obese. 
  • Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and West Virginia all report over 35 percent obesity.
  • Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer can all be related to obesity.
  • Adults between 40 and 59 years old have the highest rate of obesity at 40.2 percent.
  • 32.3 percent of younger adults between the ages of 20 and 39 are obese.

Why Is It So Rampant?

The American Heart Association published an article that tried to find reasons for the problem. Americans are intelligent, capable, and self-sufficient. People who are overweight hate the extra pounds and know the health dangers. If the answer is cutting calories and getting healthy exercise, why do so many still struggle?

One doctor points to the way the body is supposed to work. Organs send signals to the brain to cause hunger. When people eat, the brain indicates when to stop. Another system, the reward system encourages eating. When you smell funnel cakes, your stomach thinks you’re hungry whether you are or not.

People with obesity may have a reduced ability to resist reward system cues. Factors like stress, hormone imbalances, and low blood sugar can make it even worse. When they try to eat less to lose weight, those hunger signals get even stronger.

Healthy Choices Are Less Available

Restaurants serve over-sized portions, calorie-packed beverages and fried everything. As soon as diners sit down, servers bring chips or bread people consume in addition to the meal. Even vegetable choices are often full of extra calories.

If you eat at home, healthy food is more expensive and takes longer to prepare. It takes careful planning to maintain healthy eating habits.

Starches and Sugars

When you eat too many starches and sugars, yeast colonies grow rapidly and an over-infestation of yeast in your body, called Candida, is often the result. Your body’s natural defense systems are designed to keep Candida under control. When you are healthy, your body does this on its own, and small Candida colonies in your gut are nothing to worry about. However, poor nutrition, stress, antibiotics, alcohol, and caffeine can also play a role in reducing your body’s control over Candida.

Other Triggers

These changes in society cause the obesity epidemic to continue to spread.

  • Cheap, tasty, high-calorie food is everywhere.
  • Most jobs have reduced physical demands.
  • People engage in hours of screen time when they’re free.
  • Stress affects sleep patterns.
  • As more people become obese, a high body mass index becomes the new normal.

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