5 Sure-Fire Tips to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals


We all have lofty weight loss goals, but before you know it, you may find yourself on the couch eating pie out of the tin for the fifth day in a row instead of walking outside. How can you make this time different? Well, lucky for you, we’ve created a list of five sure-fire tips to make your weight loss goals stick this time.

  1. Keep a Record. Don’t underestimate the power of tracking your habits. Recording every food item you consume and your daily physical activities will give you necessary perspective. You’ll start to recognize areas for improvement. Plus it’s a great motivator.
  2. Be Specific. Big and vague goals like “I want to be healthier” won’t get you anywhere. Make your weight loss goals as specific as possible, outlining small, day-to-day steps. Chart your days to include 3 well-balanced meals and some kind of physical activity.
  3. Resolve to Commit. After setting realistic goals, resolve to commit to at least 30 days, enough time to establish healthy habits. You know you want this… so stop all the wishy-washy dieting attempts and commit. It’s much easier to keep going once you’re in motion.
  4. Do What You Like. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat foods you dislike. Research healthy foods you might like. Try out new and interesting recipes. Also, do exercise that’s both fun and close to home. Change your routine often.
  5. Reward Yourself. Create a rewards system. Do something—non-food related—once you reach each weight loss milestone. Get a massage or buy a new dress for that party. Maybe try something you couldn’t do before you lost weight. Celebrate your success!

As Fall and a new year approach, now is the time for a healthier lifestyle. As you make plans to lose weight, implement these five sure-fire tips so you don’t get lost on the road to success.

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