Let Fairwood Health Treat Your Neuropathy Pain

Do you suffer from pins and needles in your hands or feet? Neuropathy affects more than 20 million Americans, or 1 in every 15 people. It is also estimated that 60% of diabetics suffer from this disorder. There are many different kinds of neuropathy, the symptoms range from burning, tingling, weakness to numbness, paralysis, and the dull constant pain usually in the toes, feet, legs, fingers, hands and arms.


Symptoms of Neuropathy

▶ Burning
▶ Electric Shocks
▶ Freezing or Numbing
▶ Pins & Needles
▶ Sharp or Stabbing

What Is Neuropathy?

This damage is commonly caused by a lack of blood flow to the nerves in the hands and feet which causes the nerves to begin to degenerate due to lack of nutrient flow.

The most common method doctors will recommend to treat neuropathy is with prescription drugs that may temporarily reduce symptoms. These drugs have names such as Gabapentin/Neurotin, Lyrica, and Cymbalta and are primarily antidepressant or anti-seizure drugs. These drugs may cause discomfort and have a variety of harmful side effects. Here at Fairwood Health, we are passionate about helping you live pain-free.

Are You At Risk For Amputation?

Diabetic neuropathy ulcers and tissue death is the cause of half of the non-traumatic limb amputations performed each year in the US. When infection spreads, amputation of even more tissue is needed. 

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is peripheral nerve damage impacting well over 20 million Americans (at least 1 in 15), making it one of the most common chronic diseases and a leading cause of adult disability. Symptoms can include numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, loss of sensation and pain often beginning in the hands and feet then spreading to the arms and legs. One of the most common causes of neuropathy is diabetes, but it can also result from injuries, infections, metabolic disorders, medication (e.g., chemotherapy), poor nutrition and exposure to toxins.

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

Pain is the body’s way of telling you something’s wrong. Muscle pain results when you have an injury or overwork an area. Muscles signal the brain so you know to give them a break. With proper care, the muscle heals.

Nerve pain is different. When diabetes damages your nerves, they send signals to the brain even when you’re doing things that aren’t painful. If your nerves send pain signals that it hurts to put on your shoes, avoiding shoes for a while won’t solve the problem. The issue isn’t in your feet, it’s in your damaged nerves.


▶ Burning
▶ shooting pain 
▶ Freezing or Numbing
▶ Pins & Needles
▶ Sharp or Stabbing
▶ Electric Shocks
▶ Pain That Radiates From One Spot
▶ Tingling or Stinging

Treatment For Nerve Pain

At Fairwood Health and Body Transition, we provide customized treatment for neuropathic pain. With our non-surgical neuropathy relief technology, patients typically report relief in less than three treatments!

Free 7-Point Neuropathy Consultation

Relieve Pain And Regain Coordination! If you are having trouble sleeping or walking due to pain, cramps or tingling sensations and are taking medication for these symptoms, you may not have to suffer any longer. If your quality of life is declining because you are suffering from shooting pain or needle-like stabs in your legs, hands or feet, you should get evaluated.

Customized treatment programs are available in Toledo that may reduce or eliminate the pain and help you feel better, sleep better, walk better and reduce medications the healthy way. Dr. Peisley’s “Heal The Hurt” all-natural treatment approach uses high-tech equipment as well as tried and true nutritional therapies and a series of state-of-the-art cold laser and nerve healing technologies to relieve pain and regain coordination. Typically, patients report relief in less than 3 treatments!

Don’t Suffer Any Longer!

Read What Our Patients Have To Say!

Feel Your Feet Again with our Drug-free, Non-surgical Neuropathy Treatment

“For 30 years I have been giving myself 66 units of insulin every morning and 74 units in the evening. I couldn’t control my sugar. My legs turned black all the way to the knee and I had seeping blisters. I had to walk with a cane. I sat at night watching television with tears running down my cheek from the pain. I went to a wound care doctor and I got boots and compression socks. But, they didn’t do any good. I was also put on the pharmaceutical gabapentin. The wound doctor said there is no cure for neuropathy. I knew amputation was next. I was desperate and grasping at straws for anything to help, then I read about how Dr. Jason Peisley had a revolutionary treatment for neuropathy and I made an appointment at Fairwood Chiropractic. After Dr. Peisley treated me, I lost 40 pounds and my insulin went down to 35 units a day. Little veins started to appear on my legs and good blood started flowing. Then, color returned to my legs and my neuropathy pain is gone! The beauty of it all is I can get out of a chair easily and I don’t need a cane to walk. I’M ELATED! God sent Dr. Peisley to me. The staff is wonderful and I tell everyone I see about Dr. Peisley and this treatment! Now, I am shooting to be 100. I went deer hunting for the first time, which is on my bucket list of things I want to do. If I could help just one person with my story, it’s worth it.”

Roy R.

I have been suffering a long time with numb feet, ankles and legs. I also have been taking insulin for 30 years. I saw an ad in The Blade about neuropathy and decided to make an appointment. After a few treatments with Dr. Peisley, I am getting feeling back in my feet. My toes used to be dark blue. Now, they are rosy colored. I am getting my circulation back! I have blood flowing in my feet again. I would recommend this program to my friends and family.”

Wayne H.

After experiencing numbness in my feet, I went to a doctor for nerve testing and I was told that I had minor neuropathy. My doctor told me that there was not a whole lot they could do for it. For 10 years, the numbness progressed until I couldn’t feel the bottom of my feet. Then, the tingling started moving up my calf. If I was lying down for a long period of time, it actually hurt when I first put my feet down. I also experienced discomfort when I was walking and occasional sharp pains. The numbness caused me to be off balance and I had to be careful with each step. I could not trust my steps, so I had to constantly look down. Heavy lifting would throw off my balance, too. If I had to carry a heavy box, I would sway back and forth. My wife got me a walking stick, which helped with my balance. I also had to wear very supportive shoes. My wife saw the Fairwood Chiropractic ad for neuropathy treatment in the newspaper and suggested that I look into this. I didn’t think I would find a treatment so I made an appointment. Dr. Peisley explained everything about the treatment. The facility is very nice and the technicians are friendly and professional. I enjoy joking around with them. They are a good group. After my treatment at Fairwood, I no longer have constant numbness in my legs. The numbness in my feet has been reduced and I have much better sensation. Also, because the numbness is going away, I have better balance. Within 3 weeks, I was able to wear sandals again! Not having the support did not bother me. The treatment also helped me lose 17 pounds. Through the nutritional guidance in the treatment plan, I was able to pinpoint that dairy was making my issues worse. This treatment helped me. I would tell anyone who has neuropathy to consider the treatment program with Dr. Peisley. It worked for me. Dr. Peisley is the only one that I know in Ohio that does this type of treatment for neuropathy.”

Harry B.

I am 90 years old, borderline type II diabetic and I have neuropathy in my feet and in my fingers. My fingertips were so numb that I had trouble with the newspaper and picking things up because I could not feel anything. My feet burned at night and often woke me up. My feet were numb and I had a hard time balancing and walking. I couldn’t even feel a pebble under my foot. In order for me to walk, I just threw my feet out in front of me. I even gave up dancing because I was afraid of falling. A friend of mine went through amputation and I did not want that to happen to me. I read about Dr. Peisley and decided it was time to find a solution. My treatment lasted about 3 months, but I felt a total difference in just one day. Now, I can feel my feet again. The treatment helped a lot. It’s amazing. The burning and numbness went away and I walk better now. My balance is better so I started to go out dancing again! This is the only time I ever enjoyed going to a doctor. I look forward to my treatments. I am on a maintenance program now and tell all of my friends about it. Now, I don’t have to have an operation!”

Edward W.

“I have diabetes so I keep up with all of the health issues that diabetics experience. I knew neuropathy was a problem for diabetics, but I didn’t think anything could be done for it. For 15 years, I felt pain in my feet at night. It felt like pins and needles and also burning pain on the top of my feet. I also had nighttime leg cramps. My feet were so numb from the balls of my feet to my toes that I could not tell if I was wearing shoes or not. I saw an ad in the paper about how Dr. Peisley is helping patients with neuropathy, so I decided to make an appointment. It was such a good experience. This program works really well. My pain is completely gone! The pain just doesn’t happen any more. Now, after my treatments, I can actually feel the grass when I walk barefoot in the yard. And, my blood pressure and diabetes are under control, too. I plan to continue my appointments during a maintenance period. If I meet anyone with neuropathy, I will hand out Dr. Peisley’s card and tell them to go try it–go see Dr. Peisley at Fairwood. It’s worth it because he really knows what he’s talking about and he has the latest treatments.”

Kim K.

“I have type 2 diabetes. I went to the VA Hospital and started taking the drug, Metformin. I also had early stages of kidney failure. Altogether, I was on 15 medications. I was very hesitant about calling Fairwood. It wasn’t until I decided since my kidneys are failing, what do I have to lose? I might as well come in and find out. I met Dr. Peisley at the Spring Fling Expo in Sylvania. I came in for the free evaluation and decided it was time to do something about it. After a couple of treatments, I thought that I could do this. It’s not that hard. I did not expect a whole lot of change. But now, when I’m walking on rock salt, I can feel it. I could not feel it before. I am going through physical therapy at Fairwood now, so I may not need a knee replacement. People have no idea how much better they could feel until they do it. It was amazing for me! I started the program in June 2014 and weighed 246 pounds. By January 2015, I lost 43 pounds and I am no longer on most of my medications. I feel amazing! My weight loss helped my knee (for every 10 pounds you lose, you take off 60 pounds of pressure off your knee). I can have salt and real butter, so I can manage. I bought a new coat last year at the end of the New Year. I showed Dr. Peisley the coat and how I can now fit one and a half times my body in the coat, it’s so big. I have to get another coat again. I went from a size 3X down to a large!”

Diana A.

“I had pain in my feet and all the way up my legs to almost my knees. The pain was like sharp needles and a burning sensation. I felt the pain across my entire foot from toe to heel. When I walked on soft carpet the pain was less, but when I walked on tile, it felt like I was walking on stones and the pain got worse. I could not sleep at night and I was very tired all the time. My balance was off and I was about to use a cane. I told my wife that this was ridiculous. I was desperate to do something. Even my family doctor didn’t know what was wrong with me, at first. Then, I saw an ad in the paper about Dr. Peisley’s natural treatment for neuropathy. I never heard of neuropathy before, but I was experiencing all of the painful symptoms. I told my wife that this is the place I am going to for help. I am still in treatment now, but I have improved a lot. I love going to my appointments and getting legs wraps. The staff members are pretty and very nice. Now, my pain has been reduced to only the balls of my feet to my toes. I’m really surprised. Now, when I am dancing the Jitterbug, it doesn’t hurt. I sleep better now and much longer. I just slept 4 hours straight, which is the longest I have slept in a long time. I feel so much better. It’s the best thing I have ever done. I’m getting healthier and lost 20 pounds. My balance is better and I do not need a cane. I carry bottled water with me wherever I go and drink filtered water. I would tell anyone to check this out.”

Garald D.

“My feet were tingling and it was very painful, especially in the morning. After my treatments, my health has improved and I feel better than I have in years. I also lost 45 pounds, which is a great side effect. I am very happy that my feet feel so much better. I am now walking faster and I have more energy. If anyone told me that they had neuropathy, I would send them over to Fairwood. I am very happy and pleased with everyone I deal with at the practice. The staff is friendly and very helpful.”

Lansing S.

“I have been struggling with neuropathy for a long time. I tried a lot of different things including some drug studies without success. Those doctors told me I should stop and learn to live with it. Neuropathy is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. My feet were numb and cold all the time with stabbing pains. It is extremely uncomfortable and sometimes the pain woke me up at night. The people at Fairwood are very nice. There is a distinct improvement in my feet and I am getting around much better. I have less pain in my feet and I am sleeping better. I’m hoping with continued treatment it gets even better. I also cut way back on my diabetes medication. That has been a very positive thing. This treatment program has the plus side of a very healthy lifestyle. Now, I eat better and lost 35 pounds. I like taking the supplements and blending vegetables in the morning. It gives me the energy to go and get my day started. I feel that this is helping me a lot. I recommend this treatment program and I will continue to do these positive things for my nutrition.”

Joe G.

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