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Have You Tried Every Diet & Still Haven’t Lost Weight?

Weight loss is different for everyone. Just because your best friend drops pounds by spending an extra ten minutes at the gym and switching to water doesn’t mean that’s what will be most effective for your body. Your age, starting weight, gender and metabolism all affect how your body reacts when you try to lose weight.

Some people have hormone imbalances, while others simply need some nutritional coaching to find the right combination of tools for successful weight loss management.

At Fairwood Health & Body Transition, we address the root cause of weight struggles to help our patients achieve healthy weight loss and the many health benefits that come with a normalized weight.

The True Cause of Weight Gain

Sometimes you realize you’ve gained weight and you don’t really know why. Sure, you splurge every now and then, but the pounds seem to sneak on even when you’re careful. Here are some of the causes of unexpected weight gain.

▶ Under-active thyroid
▶ Overeating healthy food
▶  Dehydration
▶  Depression
▶  Sleep Loss
▶  Stress
▶  Too Much Sodium
▶ Overestimating calories burned

Start An Incredible Weight Loss Journey

You deserve to feel motivated, energized, and confident every day. If you’re feeling fatigued, constantly hungry, sick, or uncomfortable in your own skin, you may need more than the latest diet fad to lose weight and keep it off. Our holistic weight loss programs provide the medical diagnostics, emotional support, and cutting-edge services you need to eliminate stubborn fat.

We offer non-surgical weight loss services in a supportive and caring environment. Whether you have a medical reason to lose weight or you’re simply tired of carrying excess weight, we’ll walk you through nutritional intake recommendations, weight loss exercise services, and proven support therapies designed to jump start healthy weight loss.

Under the guidance of Dr. Jason Peisley, D.C., our team helps patients through detoxification, healing, and weight management. Patients who participate in our personalized programs often describe a notable difference in health, wellness, and confidence.


How To Assess Your Weight

Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between just needing to lose a few pounds and a more significant weight problem. A doctor can help you calculate your body mass index (BMI) and assess whether weight loss could benefit your health. 

Cutting Edge Weight Loss Technology

Rapidly lose inches with a research-supported body wrap to build confidence. Then, continue to lose weight and boost your metabolism with our unique exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) services and infrared sauna sessions. Use our self-mastery technology services to eliminate psychological barriers to success and build the mental discipline and focus you need to succeed. Combined with our customized weight loss plans, these services can help you reach your goals quickly and effectively.

When Should You Schedule An Evaluation?

When should you schedule an evaluation at Fairwood Health & Body Transition? If any of the symptoms show here describes you, then it’s time to come into our clinic. Imagine waking up every day feeling energized. What if every time you walked by a mirror, you wanted to pause an extra second because of how great you look. Imagine feeling confidence e1very time you got dressed and walked out the door

▶ Exercise is uncomfortable
▶ It’s hard to stick to fitness goals
▶ Trouble Sleeping
▶ Skin Is Tender To Touch
▶ Fatigue and Brain Fog
▶ High blood pressure
▶ High cholesterol
▶ Achy joints
▶ Digestive Issues

Take Advantage of Our No-Cost Weight Loss Evaluation

At Fairwood Health & Body Transition, we see healthy weight loss as an investment. When you look and feel your best, you can accomplish more and reduce the risks associated with weight-related chronic illnesses.

If you’re still not convinced of the power in guided weight loss management programs, consider signing up for a No-Cost Weight Loss Evaluation. Learn more about barriers to healthy weight loss and how our programs differ from other weight loss centers.

Normally, a weight loss evaluation with Dr. Peisley costs $125, but if you sign up via our this form we’ll waive the cost! Dr. Peisley will sit down with you to discuss your weight loss struggles and craft a personalized plan of action. Why spend your hard-earned dollars on a generic weight loss program when you can invest them in a personalized weight loss, hormone balancing, and body contouring program?

Begin Your Transformation!

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Read What Our Patients Have To Say!

Patient Success Stories

Lori T.

When I came to Fairwood Health & Body Transition, I was overweight, borderline diabetic and my triglycerides were three times the normal amount. I also had a lot of digestive and gastrointestinal problems. I was just not feeling like myself­–depressed and anxious with no focus.

I love the clean and organized atmosphere at the spa and the staff. Everyone is so friendly! Their knowledge about the weight loss program, supplements and equipment is very helpful. I love the program because it works! And, you can get just about any of your diet/health problems addressed in one place. I have never felt this way with any other weight loss program in the past.

I am happy to say that I have lost 50 pounds and I feel so much healthier! All of my gas and digestive problems have subsided. I can walk better and faster than before. And, I am now sleeping deeper and waking up energized.

I was surprised about how the program helps you think about nothing but healthy food and drinking plenty of water. I no longer have cravings for starchy, sweet or salty foods. And, I have no cravings or urges for caffeine and I don’t need it. I have so much more natural energy. If you need to lose weight, this is the place to go.

Michelle B.

I was tired all the time and taking a high dose of thyroid medicine. I was very frustrated because I was trying to eat healthy but could not lose weight. At night, I was not sleeping very well because my brain would not shut down. Then, I would fall asleep during the day when I was relaxed. I had no energy.

Everyone at Fairwood is wonderful. The staff is non-judgmental and friendly. What I really like is how they teach me to eat real food, not pre-packaged diet food. When I take a sauna or get a body wrap, I feel really pampered. It’s a great way to lose weight! The program is simple and it works! I enjoy the seeing the staff every week and the structure behind it.

After I lost 38 pounds, my attitude and demeanor changed for the better. What really improved is how I hold myself with more confidence. Now, my thyroid medication is working better and I have more energy. I sleep much better at night and I feel wonderful!

I recommend this program to anyone who needs to lose weight. It’s so worth it. I would do it all over again.

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